Marriage in Christ Seminar

The 2018 Marriage in Christ Seminar meets 6 to 8pm, for five Sundays: February 19, February 25, March 4, March 11 and March 18.

Getting married in today’s culture can be likened to launching a canoe in the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN.  If you want to stay in St. Paul, you will have to be intentional and paddle against the strong currents.  Staying together in a culture that is trying to pull marriages apart requires two things:

  • A marriage rooted in Christ. The seminar offers practical suggestions for ways to keep Christ the ongoing center of our marriage. The Holy Spirit makes this possible.

  • A deep and growing friendship with our spouse.  The seminar offers simple, enjoyable, and practical suggestions for ways to renew and deepen your love and friendship, which is the very fabric of marriage.

General pattern of the seminar

  • One two-hour session per week for five weeks

    • Talk

    • Discussion in groups; men and women separate

    • Private discussion for each couple

    • Homework (15–20 minutes a day)

    • PTA (Pray, Talk, Act): Prayer as a couple, conversation starters, practical activities


  • Week One: God First, Our Spouse Second

  • Week Two: Love, Sin, Forgiveness, and Hope

  • Week Three: The Role of the Holy Spirit in Marriage

  • Week Four: Love and Friendship

    • Commitment of our marriage to Christ and prayer for the Holy Spirit in our marriage

  • Week Five: Ordinary Life in Christ


Who is this seminar for? 

This seminar is for all married couples.  It will help to strengthen your marriage—whether newly married or married for 20 or 50 years!

If we know we are going to miss one of the weeks, can we still attend?

Yes, we can make arrangements for you to view the talk or to read a transcript.  You can do the couple’s discussion questions on your own.

What is the cost and what can we do if we would like to attend, but can’t afford the whole fee?

Cost per couple is $100. Scholarships are available for couples who have been married five years or less.

Is child care available?

Yes but must be reserved with registration. Cost for child care is $10/child for the entire series with a $20 family maximum. For more information, contact or call 952.890.9434

Selected Comments from Marriage in Christ Seminar Participants

 “I didn’t have great expectations for the seminar.  I was thinking, ‘I don’t need this.’ If you were to ask me how I would have rated my marriage, I probably would have said that we were in the 80th percentile—I’m in marketing and so I round up!  We came anyway, and week after week we did the homework. To my great surprise and joy, I found myself loving my wife in new, tangible ways.  I found her doing things for me that were new and that were pretty delightful. There was a new affection in our relationship. When we renewed our vows on the fourth night, it was like looking into the face of the young lady that I married 33 years ago. It was very moving. Through the power of the Holy Spirit which we prayed for in the Marriage in Christ seminar,I have more love and affection for my wife than I did five weeks ago when we started.”

~ Husband, father and grandfather

“Our life is chaotic and probably will be for a long time.  But in the Marriage in Christ seminar we experienced praying together on a daily basis.  Now we are on the same page and we can face the chaos together.”

~ Wife and mother of 4 small children

“I saw my wife the way Christ sees her for the first time.”

~ Husband of 22 years and father of 3 teenagers

“I did not realize how little time I spent talking to my wife.”

~ Businessman married for 25 years

“I was surprised by how my feelings for my wife changed when I began thinking about how grateful I was for what she did and who she was.” 

~ Husband married 15 years and father of 5 children

“We would suggest making it known that there is no number of years that a couple has to be married to attend.  They could be married 3 or 33 years, we recommend this seminar to any married couple.”

~ Wife married 12 years 

“The seminar was absolutely fantastic. Everybody should have this seminar every few years as a refresher course on marriage! It is not just for the newly married. Most marriage seminars/classes focus on couples preparing for marriage. This is a class which really is meaningful for married couples at any stage in their marriage. What was particularly unique and powerful about this seminar was the integral aspect of prayer and conversation with your spouse. The structure of the meditations formed a basis for us to bring prayer into our lives together for the first time. It allowed us to open up to each other through prayer and intentions.”

~ High school teacher, mother of 3 children, married 15 years

Cost is $100/couple Child care is available upon reservation for $10/child per series with a $20/family maximum. Child care must be reserved with registration. 

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Contact: Brenda Schroll