Liturgical Music Today says about cantors, “Among music ministers, the cantor has come to be recognized as having a crucial role in the development of congregational singing. Besides being qualified to lead singing, he or she must have the skills to introduce and teach new music, and to encourage the assembly.” St. John’s is blessed to have committed and qualified parishioners who fill this indispensable role at each of our weekend Masses, as well as other liturgical celebrations where music is present. New people are always welcome to contact Tim Malone and enter an informal interview and musical assessment process.


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3/5 1st Lent Ps 51 Be Merciful O Lord #41 GC II X OLIVIA TINA COLLEEN TABYTHA
3/12 2nd Lent Ps 33 Lord Let Your Mercy #32 GC II X AMY  TINA TABYTHA LINDA
3/19 3rd Lent Ps 95 If Today #51 GC II X KATHLEEN COLLEEN TABYTHA JOHN
3/26 4th Lent Ps 23 The Lord is My Shepherd #24 GC II X MELISSA TINA TABYTHA COLLEEN
4/2 5th Lent  Ps 130 With the Lord There Is Mercy #71 GC II X OLIVIA TINA OPEN TABYTHA
4/9 Palm/Passion Ps 22 My God, My God #22 GC II X MELISSA TINA KATHLEEN AMY