Catholic Identity

Our primary purpose at St. John's is to assist the students in their growth as a Catholic. St. John's School is recognized as one of the few "Distinguished" Catholic Schools by the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.  To enhance the spiritual growth of the child, St. John's provides opportunities for school prayer, weekly Mass and the SPIRIT Program.

School Prayer: Prayer is the way we cultivate a conscious relationship with God.  Everything we do at St. John's begins with prayer.  Each school day begins with a prayer led by students and all class periods begin with prayer.  Assemblies, athletic events, as well as all student activities and clubs begin in prayer.

Weekly Mass: Every Thursday and on Holy Days, the school children and teachers attend Mass at 9:35am.  Each class at St. John's School plans one Mass per year. Students read Scriptures, bring up the gifts and offer the petitions during the Mass. They serve as cantors, altar servers, musicians and greeters at the front door of the Church.  Through planning and celebrating the Liturgy, the students hopefully will grow to appreciate their faith and experience the joy of being a Catholic. Parents are encouraged to participate in school liturgies, to unite with their their child(ren) in the Eucharistic celebration, and to be an active part of building a Faith Community. The spiritual encouragement given at school merely builds upon that is already received at home. Sunday Mass, in particular, does much to impress upon children an attitude of reverence for their religion. The ideal situation is for the family to celebrate the Liturgy as a family, thus helping emphasize a oneness with God and each other, as the Father's family.

SPIRIT Program: In a world of uncertainty, questionable moral role models, and mass media, St. John's School feels an obligation to formally teach and model "What would Jesus Do?"  St. John's is committed to developing the whole child - mind, body and SPIRIT and the ST. John's SPIRIT Program encompasses good character development and manners.  The goal is to model through our relationships with one another and our ability to live out the gospel values for the common good of our school.  We know we have great students - we want them to be great even when no one is watching.  We define SPIRIT as:

Spirituality: Acting in a Christ-like manner

Politeness: Being considerate to others

Initiative: Stepping up to do something when I recognize the need

Responsibility - Being prepared and doing my best

Independence: Having faith in myself and my choices

Tolerance: Accepting the differences of others

These six items that make up the SPIRIT program are emphasized and cultivated in various ways within our school, including the following:

  • Special liturgies on Feast Days and the Living Rosary

  • Penance prayer services during Advent and Lent

  • Catholic Schools Week Mass

  • Recitation of the Rosary

  • Stations of the Cross

  • Respect Life prayer service at the Cathedral

  • Daily Religion Classes

  • Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and First Communion done in cooperation with the parish Faith Formation Program

  • Mission Carnival Food Drive

  • Collections for local food shelves

  • Toys for Inner City Parish/School

  • Participating in "Jump Rope for Heart" program

  • Operation Christmas Child

  • Touching Lives Adult Day Center

  • Thanksgiving Baskets Praying for the community

  • Socks for the Homeless

  • And more!

We are blessed with a pastor and an associate pastor who is committed to having a visible and active presence in the school. Father DeGrood and Father Sandquist visits our school often whether it is at bus arrival or departure time, having lunch with the students in the cafeteria, walking the halls to say hi or teaching weekly in the classrooms.

Even though we teach the Catholic faith as a distinctly Catholic School, all faiths are warmly welcome!