Seventh Grade

St. John the Baptist Catholic School’s curriculum is based on the school’s mission, philosophies, and Minnesota Standards.


Seventh Grade Religion focuses on who God is and how God is present in our lives. As God incarnate, Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection is closely studied, as well as how we live out Jesus’ example in our lives through the Church and the Sacraments. We will also have a special emphasis on Liturgy, in which we will study the liturgical seasons and during Advent and Lent plan and participate in a school mass. The Sadlier We Live Our Faith (2007) program supports the curriculum.

Language Arts

Language Arts in seventh grade focuses on the communication skills of writing and speaking. The emphasis is on grammar usage and mechanics, vocabulary, spelling, and the writing process. Students learn to:

  • Develop their thoughts into organized paragraphs that flow together
  • Understand words and their meanings, usage, and relationships to other words.
  • Apply new grammar and vocabulary skills to their writing.
  • Speak in front of a large group

The Language Arts curriculum is supported by Prentice Hall Writing and Grammar (2010) and Vocabulary in Action by Loyola Press (2010


Seventh grade literature students create a portfolio throughout each trimester. They will include in their portfolio a variety of different reading strategies used to gain meaning from text (short stories, and novels), work samples, and a variety of assessment techniques to test their current and future reading tasks. It is designed for authentic meaning-making literacy experiences: for pleasure, to be informed, and to perform a task. Novel studies include Walk Two Moons and The Giver. The Literature curriculum is supported by Prentice Hall Literature (2010).


Seventh grade Pre-Algebra focuses on preparing students for higher algebra and beyond and the curriculum is supported by Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra (2007). This course is also open to students in grade 6 who have successfully completed Grade 6 Math. Topics include:

  • Algebraic Expressions and Integers
  • Solving One-Step Equations & Inequalities 
  • Decimals and Equations
  • Factors, Fractions, and Exponents
  • Operations with Fractions
  • Ratios, Proportions and Percents
  • Solving Equations and Inequalities
  • Linear Functions and Graphing
  • Introduction to Geometry
  • Area and Volume
  • Right Triangles in Algebra
  • Data Analysis and Probability


Seventh grade science is a life science course with an emphasis on developing proper note-taking skills. Students are required to do an insect project in the first trimester and a mandatory independent science fair project in the second trimester. The course is highlighted by a microscope lab unit and by dissecting a variety of animals during the animal kingdom unit: earthworm, mussel, starfish, grasshopper, crayfish, perch, frog, and fetal pig. The curriculum is supported by Glencoe/McGraw Hill Life Science (2012).

Topics include:

  • Classifying and Exploring Life
  • Cell Structure and Function
  • Cell Life Cycle and Cell Division
  • Reproduction of Organisms
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria Kingdoms
  • Protist and Fungus Kingdoms
  • Plant Kingdom
    • Plant Diversity
    • Plant Classification

Social Studies

The seventh grade social studies course gives students a thorough study of the world using the Five Themes of Geography and the Six Essential Elements of Geography as written by the National Council for Geographic Education and the Association of American Geographers. This course covers the various geography skills, including map reading skills applied to a variety of map types. We also practice proper note-taking skills as we explore the nations of the world by looking at their physical and human characteristics. The curriculum is supported by World Geography by Holt (2007).


Level I Spanish instruction continues in seventh grade. The student continues to refine Spanish language skills through active participation in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. The goal is to continue to develop skills that will be used to communicate in Spanish. The class is built on vocabulary themes, more advanced grammar topics and cultural information. Students continue to explore the Hispanic culture, centered around the chapter themes. The textbook Realidades (2004) is used.


Art from Non-Western cultures is the emphasis in the seventh grade art curriculum. Students are exposed to peoples and their art from around the world. An element of exploration is incorporated in the class. Students will understand and explore how people from all worlds use art as functional pieces as well as a means to add beauty to their lives.


Major Focus:

  • Internet Safety
  • Blogging
  • Integrating Technology with projects from other subjects
    • Ex: The Giver projects in conjunction with Literature Class
      • Create PowerPoint of your perfect world
      • Research Utopian Societies
    • Scratch Animation