St. John's Steppingstones Preschool

St. John the Baptist Catholic School’s preschool program (St. John’s Steppingstones Preschool) is NAEYC accredited and a MN Four Star Parent Aware program and follows the Minnesota Early Learning and Development Standards. Children are guided to develop interests in many topics and investigate these topics through long-term projects and themes. Children develop their social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development through the enriching classroom experiences.

Our philosophy is to facilitate learning in developmentally appropriate ways.  We believe in:

  • Play as the foundation for academic learning
  • Strong social and emotional health with an emphasis on relationships, self-regulation and initiative
  • Nurturing optimism and happiness in the classroom
  • Increasing empathy and compassion in order to resolve peer conflicts
  • The process of learning rather than the product
  • Teaching critical thinking skills through discussing, questioning and exploring
  • Providing choices to foster motivation to learn
  • Building body awareness by strengthening gross motor and fine motor muscles
  • Supporting the religious and spiritual faith of all children through prayer and music
  • Encouraging self-help skills to build independence and pride
  • Partnering with parents to support and nurture their child
  • Child readiness for learning with sensitivity to individual differences and needs

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