St. John the Baptist Catholic School has long been a pioneer in integrating technology into our education. St. John’s School recognizes the potential of what technology can do and how it can improve student learning. When looking at adding technology as an initiative, we look at what are the best practices out there that foster student learning growth. All student faculty are provided with the technological tools such as SMART and Promethean Interactive White Boards, iPads and Chromebooks to develop learning opportunities that produce 21st century learners. With the introduction to Google Apps for Education this year, our student learners at Grades 5 thru 8 are on the cutting age of how they can both communicate and collaborate with other students and our staff.

St. John’s School approach to technology is truly organic. We fully integrate technology skills and computer projects throughout the curriculum to drive engaging student-centered learning. As studies speak of the “Digital Native” and the “NetGen Learner” and how these students learn, St. John’s School works to provide our students with the resources necessary to connect with our whole world.

Our students use computer technology as a natural tool of the learning process. Computers are available to students whenever and wherever they are needed — similar to pen and paper. The result de-emphasizes the specialization of computer technology as use becomes seamless and ubiquitous. We’ve adapted best practices from leading schools around the country in order to craft the best program that works for St. John’s School.