Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose St. John the Baptist Catholic School?

  • Our standard of quality education is admired by other Catholic Schools, as well as public school districts.
  • Average class size is 18-20 (our teachers know your child).
  • Standardized test scores are well above state and national averages.
  • Daily opportunity to study, share and bear witness to the Gospel - students are encouraged to pray and learn to develop their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Students live their Catholic faith each and every day.
  • Teachers and administration are dedicated to the success of each child and committed to them.
  • Seamless Preschool through 8th grade curriculum. 

Q: What about the academic program? How will St. John the Baptist Catholic School prepare my child for high school and beyond?

  • 75% of our middle school students are on the Honor Roll.
  • 80% of our graduates take honor roll level or Advanced Placement classes in high school.
  • On the 10 SAT standardized tests given to all St. John's 8th graders in 2012 (Archdiocesan requirement), St. John's students consistently perform at levels that are above grade level and national averages:
    • Reading: 93% ranked average or higher in reading comprehension
    • Math: 95% ranked average or higher in math problem solving
    • Science: 98% ranked average or higher in science
    • Social Studies: 95% ranked average or higher in social studies 

Q: What about your technology program?

A: St. John the Baptist Catholic School has long been a pioneer in integrating technology into our education. St. John’s School recognizes the potential of what technology can do and how it can improve student learning. When looking at adding technology as an initiative, we look at what are the best practices out there that foster student learning growth. All student faculty are provided with the technological tools such as SMART and Promethean Interactive White Boards, iPads and Chromebooks to develop learning opportunities that produce 21st century learners. With the introduction to Google Apps for Education this year, our student learners at Grades 5 thru 8 are on the cutting age of how they can both communicate and collaborate with other students and our staff.

St. John’s School approach to technology is truly organic. We fully integrate technology skills and computer projects throughout the curriculum to drive engaging student-centered learning. As studies speak of the “Digital Native” and the “NetGen Learner” and how these students learn, St. John’s School works to provide our students with the resources necessary to connect with our whole world.

Our students use computer technology as a natural tool of the learning process. Computers are available to students whenever and wherever they are needed — similar to pen and paper. The result de-emphasizes the specialization of computer technology as use becomes seamless and ubiquitous. We’ve adapted best practices from leading schools around the country in order to craft the best program that works for St. John’s School. 

Q: What kind of financial aid is available?

A:  We understand the investment families make in attaining a Catholic education for their children.  St. John's School has a financial assistance program that is ready to help and will provide the assistance you need to make St. John's AFFORDABLE.  

St. John the Baptist Catholic School uses TADS for Financial Aid. There are two ways to apply:

  • Online at, click on the 'Parents' button to begin.  Use School Code SP233820000;
  • Call TADS at 1-800-477-8237 to request an application.  TADS Worksheets are available in our school office; however, this is not an application.

For more information or to find out more about our financial aid program, call the school office at: 952.890.6604.

Q: What kind of religious education program is available at St. John the Baptist Catholic School?

  • School Prayer: Prayer is the way we cultivate a conscious relationship with God. Everything we do at St. John's begins with prayer.  Each school day begins with a prayer led by students and all class periods begin with prayer.  Assemblies, athletic events, as well as all student activities and clubs begin in prayer.
  • Weekly Mass: Every Thursday and on Holy Days, the school children and teachers attend Mass at 9:25am.  Each class at St. John's School plans one Mass per year. Students read Scriptures, bring up the gifts and offer the petitions during the Mass. They serve as cantors, altar servers, musicians and greeters at the front door of the Church.  Penance Service is also offered twice a year, along with our other prayer experiences.
  • SPIRIT Program: In a world of uncertainty, questionable moral role models, and mass media, St. John's School feels an obligation to formally teach and model "What would Jesus Do?"  St. John's is committed to developing the whole child - mind, body and SPIRIT and the ST. John's SPIRIT Program encompasses good character devlopment and manners.  The goal is to model through our relationships with one another and our ability to live out the gospel values for the common good of our school.  We know we have great students - we want them to be great even when no one is watching.  We define SPIRIT as:

Spirituality: Acting in a Christ-like manner

Politeness: Being considerate to others

Initiative: Stepping up to do something when I recognize the need

Responsibility - Being prepared and doing my best

Independence: Having faith in myself and my choices

Tolerance: Accepting the differences of others 

Q: What are the qualifications of your faculty?
The faculty and staff of St. John's School represent the best of what a Catholic parish school has to offer.  Competent and dedicated, these professionals teach a challenging curriculum, provide expert hands-on instructions, and devote a great deal of time to their students.  All of our 31 teachers (including Specialist teachers) are all college graduates with a MN teaching certificate, with 50% of them holding Master's degrees.  Most take advantage of continuing education opportunities both during the school year and over the summer months. 

Q: What kind of extracurricular programs do you offer?

  • Athletics: St. John's School is part of the South Side Youth Organization (SSYO) - a conference of 23 private schools in the Twin City Metro Area.  Our school offers girls' volleyball in grades 5-8 in the winter.  St. John's has a very successful athletic program, which is dedicated to fostering a competitive spirit that emphasizes the need for teamwork, dedication, school and team pride and respect for self, teammates, coaches, opponents and officials.
  • Performance and Fine Arts: Art classes are offered in a studio style setting for all students one to two days a week.  Theater is offered as an extracurricular in the fall and in the spring.  St. John's School feels it is important for our students to have the opportunity to express themselves through art and theater. Through exposure to these forms of expression, each student expresses their own unique God-given gifts and talents.
  • Music: Our Music Program is offered to students in preschool through fifth grade.  Students learn age-appropriate vocal techniques, music notation, and pitched and unpitched musical instruments through a variety of experiences including: singing in groups; performing using instruments like hand drums, rhythm sticks, and shakers; and improvising short melodies combining percussion and movement.  Some of the highlights families enjoy from our Music program include a Christmas program and a Spring Concert.
  • Band: Our band program offers a variety of opportunities for the music enthusiast.  St. John's School has an arrangement with the Academy of Holy Angels that allows our students to have a pre-high school band experience and they are challenged with learning and preparing for concerts by exploring the fundamentals of music.
  • Clubs and Activities: St. John's provides many extracurricular activities for students to practice and demonstrate their special gifts and talents.  We believe it is important to encourage participation in these activities and include all interested students. Extracurricular opportunities offered to our students include: Destination Imagination, Spelling Bee, Quiz Bowl, Concert Band, National Junior Honor Society, Kids of Saving the Earth (KSE), Kids Offering Prayer and Service (KOPS), Student Service Council (SSC), Ski Club, Chess Club, Mad Science, Boys Scouts, Girls Scouts, Learning Fair, Science Fair, Spanish Club, Students Offering Understanding and Listening (SOUL), Students Teaching Acceptance And Respect (STAAR), Study Buddies and Theater.

Q: Do you offer before- or after-school care programs?

A: In an endeavor to assist the parents and families of St. John's students, St. John's School provides both before and after school care at an additional charge.  It is available on all days school is in session.  For more information, please click here.

Q: How are parents/guardians involved in St. John the Baptist Catholic School?

A: At. St. John's School, we have a rich and rewarding school life to benefit the students, parents and faculty.  We offer many special programs for the kids as well as ways for our school parents to get involved.  We are blessed with a high level of involvement from our parents, which offers the students and our school families a strong sense of community.  The following opportunities are the primary ways for parents to be involved: School Advisory CommitteeHome and School Association,New Family Mentor Program and many more!

Q: How do I register my child?

A: Registration is easy!  Please click here to register!