Why St. John's School?

We asked some of our parents to tell us why they chose St. John's 

and what they love about St. John's. Here is what we heard...


Great school, great teachers, great environment. My kids love St. John's because they make learning fun and exciting. I love St. John's because they have small class sizes, great achievement test scores, wonderful teachers and an atmosphere that emphasizes respect and self-discipline. They give my children a daily religious upbringing that cannot be duplicated.


At St. John's we are part of a community of friends-the families truly help each other in times of need.  The outpouring of love is amazing. The teachers can and do talk about God each and every day. Our priest is actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the school and he is a wonderful influence on the students. The middle school teachers help the students become fully prepared for high school. 


Putting your children in the hands of others is a very serious step for a parent. I know that St. John's is a safe environment and they are getting the love and education I want for them. The teachers are very accommodating to the needs of children, and the community of other families is off the charts. The solid foundation St. John's will give my children will stay with them forever.


Everybody knows your name-the school has the feel of a family-the entire staff is looking out for the well being of our child both academically, as well as personally. I know if my child needs something one of them will be there to put a smile back on my child's face or help them to understand the lesson being taught to them. Then, of course, there is the academic excellence.


Family is very important to us, and St. John's felt like one big family from the first day our kids went to Steppingstones Preschool. We also wanted our children to be able to celebrate their faith in every aspect of their life. Our kids get to learn about and celebrate Christmas at school!


St. John's is a wonderful Catholic school and my kids wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The curriculum is vigorous and challenging and I know they will be ready for high school. From Steppingstones Preschool all the way up to eighth grade the teachers have been outstanding.


We are very happy with our experience at St. John's. Our children are not only experiencing quality education, they are also experiencing a quality spiritual education as well, which has proven invaluable as they grow into strong caring young people. There are plenty of opportunities for parents to become involved in the school through community events and activities. My children have enjoyed each and every teacher they have had and we look forward to the next few years at St. John's.


We love the commitment we see from everyone involved with St. John's-the parents, the teachers, the administration, the students. Everyone is working together to provide all our children with the tools they need to be leaders in whatever direction life takes them. We also like the fact that the teachers don't "teach to a test." Instead, they teach to each student ensuring each one gets all the pieces of a solid academic and personal foundation.


 An Academically rigorous school guided by Catholic values